Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book Review of THE EMERALD SCEPTER by Paul Kemprecos

The Emerald Scepter was written by Paul Kemprecos and published through Suspense Publishing. You may purchase this book at  or wherever eBooks are sold. You may learn more about the author on his web site at

Back away Clive Cussler and James Rollins… Paul Kemprecos has penned a thrilling action/adventure that crosses all boundaries and drops the reader into the thick of it. The Emerald Scepter is everything action/adventure junkies demand and Kemprecos does it in a manner that places him squarely in line to take command of this ultra-entertaining genre.

Matt Hawkins is a physically and mentally wounded ex-SEAL, kicked out of the Navy and living a quiet life, until he is asked to return to Afghanistan to search for a treasure belonging to Prestor John, a legendary Christian ruler, and in particular, an emerald-encrusted cross thought to be Prestor’s power as a ruler. This cross is the link to a much darker scenario where thousands of people are killed in an attack to rival September 11th.

Matt’s team includes an old military friend, his ex-wife, and a computer whiz that is just a bit crazy. Together they travel thousands of miles and gleen historical and speculative information to find the treasure before it falls into the hands of murderers wanting power.

Great writing, cohesive characters, and more action and thrills than the reader can calculate make this novel flow to an impossible-to-put-down ending and I will be diligently checking out more works from Kemprecos.

5 spiders and well earned. If you are an action/adventure junkie like me, you cannot go wrong with The Emerald Scepter.

DJ Weaver

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