Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review of J.K. Dark's DARK HARBORS

  DARK HARBORS was written by J.K. Dark and published by Poor Boy Press on April 3rd, 2013. DARK HARBORS is available for purchase at
You can learn more about this author by visiting his website at
   Jack Cross was a rock-n-roller with his band,The Pirates of Rock. Jack had it all; money, fame, prestige, but a series of bad decisions brought it all tumbling down.
After Jack's downward spiral, he manages to scrape himself together and throw himself into the only thing he has left... his boat, The Dark Cross. 
  Dark Harbors immediately reeled me in and refused to let go no matter how much I squirmed…it begged to be read and who am I to argue with a good book? 
  I have made no qualms about being a huge J.K. Dark fan and I will make none again today... a great writer, is a great writer in my book!
 DARK HARBORS is as well a researched piece of literature as I have ever read and it shines through in the text. Beautiful, descriptive passages, engaging characters and...
 PIRATES!!! The perfect Summer afternoon read.
  The story is so taut and fluid, it plays out like a great film in the readers mind as the plot twists-&-turns and buries itself in your psyche. This really COULD happen. J.K. Dark has done it again...
 A book about Sex, drugs, Rock-n-Roll, the High Seas and Pirates: now THAT really is a treasure.
 DARK HARBORS is a wonderful tale, uniquely told by a literary voice that is unforgettable. If you take any books to the beach this Summer, or load that Kindle or Nook, add DARK HARBORS to the top of your will not be disappointed! 
5-Spiders from me, all day long.
CK Webb for WebbWeaver Reviews 


Book Review of John Mulhall's GEDDY'S MOON

GEDDY'S MOON was written by debut novelist John Mulhall and was published by Blanket Fort Books February 20th, 2013. You can learn more about John by visiting his website at
    Geddy’s Moon can be described with only one word…  Masterpiece! The characters are full of life and can be seen by the reader as clearly as if they were standing right in front of you. The level of emotion achieved by the writer is a true thing of beauty and not something you easily find amongst debut novelists.  I fell in love with the characters and found myself twisted up with every emotion they felt… I had to know more, I had to take that journey with them. I am so glad I did.

'Geddy's Moon' is a quaint little town in Kansas. Like so many small towns, Geddy’s Moon has a few secrets of its own and doesn’t plan on keeping them hidden for long. Tyler has been trying to recover his memory for some time when he finds himself in the windswept wheat fields of Geddy’s Moon; a new life ahead of him. He meets a woman and begins spending time with her and her son. On the surface, everything seems great, but it is what’s just beneath the surface that’s got Tyler on edge.
As each night in Geddy’s Moon brings more and more vivid nightmares, Tyler is unsure if those around him are safe; unsure if he is even who he thinks he is. As the dreams become more real, so do the childhood memories that began to race back in; memories that can’t possibly be real… or can they?
The story is complex, but well thought out. There are some horrifying moments, some brilliant twists-&-turns and the ending is, for lack of a better word, perfect!
I have seen so many readers comparing Geddy’s Moon to the likes of Stephen King and even Dean Koontz ( a pretty sweet comparison might I add?), BUT…

However, I will tell you that Geddy’s Moon is a book unlike any you have read and though the narrative feels familiar, like an old friend whose face has faded in memory over time, but whose voice stays with you and lingers, John Mulhall has stood up and screamed to the rafters and he has done it with a voice ALL his own!  A truly new voice has emerged… Horror fans take notice!

I am giving Geddy’s Moon a much deserved 5-spider rating and recommending it to anyone who isn’t afraid of the dark!
 CK Webb for WebbWeaver Reviews

Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Review of THE DEATH RELIC by Chris Kuzneski

     The Death Relic was written by Chris Kuzneski and published through Putnam Adult in 2013. You may buy this book at and you may learn more about the author at

Jon Payne and David Jones are back together again in this action-adventure romp by six-time international bestselling author Chris Kuzneski. If you have read his work before, you’ve probably met these two elite, military-trained heroes, who constantly make the reader laugh with their witty banter and keep us amazed with their prowess at outwitting their enemies.

The two badass best friends get together this time to save a damsel in distress and who doesn’t like that. From Mexico City to the Yucatan Peninsula, the team is on a mission to save Mayan and Aztec treasure and an artifact so powerful, it is known as The Death Relic.

Lies, deception, and kidnapping bad guys add to the story and compel the reader to turn the pages faster to keep up. Breakneck pacing and surprising revelations make this story grab the reader by the throat in true Kuzneski style, while bringing together a varied and realistic cast of characters.

Perfect timing, great personalities, fluid writing, and action, action, action, bring The Death Relic to life and keep Chris Kuzneski at the top of the action-adventure genre. Four spiders for this winning novel.

DJ Weaver
Reviewed for Suspense Magazine

Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review of THE LAIRD: A Castle Blackstone Novel by Sandy Blair

   THE LAIRD was written by Sandy Blair and published by Winn-Hampton Press on February 7, 2013. You can purchase a copy of THE LAIRD at 
  The Laird is a wonderful romance set in both modern times and in the historic highlands of Scotland.  It tells the story of Beth, a young woman with a heart-breaking background whose spirit and inner beauty captured my heart right from the very beginning.

Beth is the antithesis of most heroines in romance novels in the sense that she is described as 'plain' in appearance. She desperately longs to love and be loved but has resigned herself to a life without this heart's desire.

She unexpectedly inherits a castle in Scotland which is haunted by a ghost who has been trapped by a curse. She could be the chosen one who can break this curse but he won't know unless he take her back in time with him.

Sandy Blair has woven a wonderful tale of love, honour, clan loyalty, betrayal and adventure. I found myself fascinated by Beth's experiences in her time travel to the past and Blair writes with a humour I really enjoyed and I found myself chuckling aloud on many occasions.
Duncan, the hero is a sexy, hunk of a man with a strong sense of honour and bravery.

This book was a delight from beginning to end and I would recommend it to readers of all kinds!
All the best from Down Under
Jennie J. for WebbWeaver Reviews