Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review of J.K. Dark's DARK HARBORS

  DARK HARBORS was written by J.K. Dark and published by Poor Boy Press on April 3rd, 2013. DARK HARBORS is available for purchase at
You can learn more about this author by visiting his website at
   Jack Cross was a rock-n-roller with his band,The Pirates of Rock. Jack had it all; money, fame, prestige, but a series of bad decisions brought it all tumbling down.
After Jack's downward spiral, he manages to scrape himself together and throw himself into the only thing he has left... his boat, The Dark Cross. 
  Dark Harbors immediately reeled me in and refused to let go no matter how much I squirmed…it begged to be read and who am I to argue with a good book? 
  I have made no qualms about being a huge J.K. Dark fan and I will make none again today... a great writer, is a great writer in my book!
 DARK HARBORS is as well a researched piece of literature as I have ever read and it shines through in the text. Beautiful, descriptive passages, engaging characters and...
 PIRATES!!! The perfect Summer afternoon read.
  The story is so taut and fluid, it plays out like a great film in the readers mind as the plot twists-&-turns and buries itself in your psyche. This really COULD happen. J.K. Dark has done it again...
 A book about Sex, drugs, Rock-n-Roll, the High Seas and Pirates: now THAT really is a treasure.
 DARK HARBORS is a wonderful tale, uniquely told by a literary voice that is unforgettable. If you take any books to the beach this Summer, or load that Kindle or Nook, add DARK HARBORS to the top of your will not be disappointed! 
5-Spiders from me, all day long.
CK Webb for WebbWeaver Reviews 


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