Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review of THE LAIRD: A Castle Blackstone Novel by Sandy Blair

   THE LAIRD was written by Sandy Blair and published by Winn-Hampton Press on February 7, 2013. You can purchase a copy of THE LAIRD at 
  The Laird is a wonderful romance set in both modern times and in the historic highlands of Scotland.  It tells the story of Beth, a young woman with a heart-breaking background whose spirit and inner beauty captured my heart right from the very beginning.

Beth is the antithesis of most heroines in romance novels in the sense that she is described as 'plain' in appearance. She desperately longs to love and be loved but has resigned herself to a life without this heart's desire.

She unexpectedly inherits a castle in Scotland which is haunted by a ghost who has been trapped by a curse. She could be the chosen one who can break this curse but he won't know unless he take her back in time with him.

Sandy Blair has woven a wonderful tale of love, honour, clan loyalty, betrayal and adventure. I found myself fascinated by Beth's experiences in her time travel to the past and Blair writes with a humour I really enjoyed and I found myself chuckling aloud on many occasions.
Duncan, the hero is a sexy, hunk of a man with a strong sense of honour and bravery.

This book was a delight from beginning to end and I would recommend it to readers of all kinds!
All the best from Down Under
Jennie J. for WebbWeaver Reviews

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