Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Review of CORNERSTONE by JM LeDuc

CORNERSTONE (Phantom Squad Series) was written by JM Leduc and published by Suspense Publishing in June, 2013. You may purchase this book at and you may learn more about this author at

CORNERSTONE by JM LeDuc would be considered in the genre of Christian fiction, but this author has brought to life a stunning action-adventure in the same arena with James Rollins and Brad Thor. LeDuc’s ‘Phantom Squad’, with leader Brent Venturi, can match wits with the best of them and does in this fourth installment of the Phantom Squad Series.

Venturi’s loss of faith, brought on by the death of his beloved wife, Chloe, sends him into a tailspin and back to the ‘beginning’, a monastery at the base of Mt. Ararat where he must face his maker in order to understand his destiny. Then, with the help of his newest prot├ęge’, Tag Achek, a Cree warrior and hardened Army sniper, Venturi must find a way to save the President of the United States and the members of the Phantom Squad from torture and death at the hands of an enemy from within.

JM Leduc is thrilling readers once again with his writing style and hard-edged approach in this exciting new page-turner. The characters are smart, capable and deadly, while the action is electrifying and continuous throughout this much anticipated sequel. I am personally, an action-adventure junkie of the tenth magnitude and this novel had my blood racing and my fingers itching to turn the pages. LeDuc’s research is spot-on and his religious representations almost saint-like. I must say, this is one of the most satisfying stories I have read in a while. Literary Awesomeness!!!

5 spiders for CORNERSTONE and JM LeDuc… GO GET THIS BOOK!

DJ Weaver for WebbWeaver Reviews

Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review of HEART'S RANSOM by Kathryn Loch

HEART'S RANSOM was written by Kathryn Loch and published in August of 2012. You can purchase a copy of the novel at You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at
Kathryn Loch has written a wonderful tale of romance with political and social upheaval set in 13th Century England and Wales. The historical accuracy is very impressive as the story of Talon and Gwen develops.
After King Henry reneges on his word to uphold the Provisions of Oxford to create a more equal society, Earl Talon Montgomery joins with Motefort to lead a rebellion. Henry's son Edward is taken hostage but little does Talon know his own daughter has been kidnapped and will be used to control Talons every political move. 
Suspecting another arch enemy, Powys, he decides to abduct his daughter, Gwenilian. Gwen is betrothed to a horrible man but on her way to marry him her party is attacked by Talon and his men and she is kidnapped. Little does Talon realise that's exactly what Gwen wants and that her father has hired assassins to kill her.
Slowly, Gwen melts Talon's heart and heals it after a horrible first marriage. Talon also comes to realise what a treasure he has in Gwen. However, his heart will never be completely healed until his young daughter Rose, is returned unharmed from her abductors. But who has her? Despite being gone for a while, no ransom note has been sent. What is really going on and how can he protect Gwen when he can't even find his own daughter?
This is a historical romance filled with action, intrigue, love and healing. I strongly recommend this fabulous tale
. 5-Spiders for this timeless novel!
Cheers From Down Under,
Jennie J
WebbWeaver Reviews

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dangerous Waters

    DANGEROUS WATERS was written by Anne Allen and published by Matador in 2012.
   You can purchase a copy of Dangerous Waters at
 You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at
Going back to the island of Guernsey, Jeanne knew it would be difficult but facing her demons turned out to be the easy part.
After losing her parents in a boating accident as a 16 year old, Jeanne bears many internal scars. The problem is they are buried so deeply that she eventually decides to try hypnosis in an attempt to finally heal.
   What Jeanne uncovers, however, is a lot more than she ever expected.  Someone on the island doesn't want her to remember and wants the past to remain buried. Suddenly, Jeanne faces danger of a kind she never expected. 
   As a debut novel, Anne Allen has written a story with mystery, intrigue, suspense and romance. 
It takes a while to get going though but if you stick with it you will enjoy the final outcome. 4-Spiders for this debut... a great Summer read!

Cheers From Down Under,
Jennie J
WebbWeaver Reviews