Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review of HEART'S RANSOM by Kathryn Loch

HEART'S RANSOM was written by Kathryn Loch and published in August of 2012. You can purchase a copy of the novel at You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at
Kathryn Loch has written a wonderful tale of romance with political and social upheaval set in 13th Century England and Wales. The historical accuracy is very impressive as the story of Talon and Gwen develops.
After King Henry reneges on his word to uphold the Provisions of Oxford to create a more equal society, Earl Talon Montgomery joins with Motefort to lead a rebellion. Henry's son Edward is taken hostage but little does Talon know his own daughter has been kidnapped and will be used to control Talons every political move. 
Suspecting another arch enemy, Powys, he decides to abduct his daughter, Gwenilian. Gwen is betrothed to a horrible man but on her way to marry him her party is attacked by Talon and his men and she is kidnapped. Little does Talon realise that's exactly what Gwen wants and that her father has hired assassins to kill her.
Slowly, Gwen melts Talon's heart and heals it after a horrible first marriage. Talon also comes to realise what a treasure he has in Gwen. However, his heart will never be completely healed until his young daughter Rose, is returned unharmed from her abductors. But who has her? Despite being gone for a while, no ransom note has been sent. What is really going on and how can he protect Gwen when he can't even find his own daughter?
This is a historical romance filled with action, intrigue, love and healing. I strongly recommend this fabulous tale
. 5-Spiders for this timeless novel!
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