Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dangerous Waters

    DANGEROUS WATERS was written by Anne Allen and published by Matador in 2012.
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Going back to the island of Guernsey, Jeanne knew it would be difficult but facing her demons turned out to be the easy part.
After losing her parents in a boating accident as a 16 year old, Jeanne bears many internal scars. The problem is they are buried so deeply that she eventually decides to try hypnosis in an attempt to finally heal.
   What Jeanne uncovers, however, is a lot more than she ever expected.  Someone on the island doesn't want her to remember and wants the past to remain buried. Suddenly, Jeanne faces danger of a kind she never expected. 
   As a debut novel, Anne Allen has written a story with mystery, intrigue, suspense and romance. 
It takes a while to get going though but if you stick with it you will enjoy the final outcome. 4-Spiders for this debut... a great Summer read!

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Jennie J
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