Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review of HEART'S WAR by Kathryn Loch


  A fabulously written, historical romance with all the suspense, political intrigue, human depth and wonderful characters I have come to know and love from Kathryn Loch.

Rose is an English noblewoman and Brynmor a Welsh freeman farmer who, by fate, comes to control the vast principality of Powys. Since their youth, they have had a bond so strong that nothing and no-one could ever break it. Their love, trust and respect for each other is evident in every page.
Brynmor is a man of few words, but his actions display an honor and nobility that far surpass any other man. Rose is a strong and feisty woman and a heroine I admire. When the Castle Powys comes under attack while most of the men are away, Rose stands a post and fights to defend what she holds dear.

As Wales begins to fall into a war for independence, Brynmor is put in the unsavory position of having to choose an alliance between his Welsh brethren and the English King, Edward (Longshanks). The decisions he has to make, I do not envy. His position was such, that one way or another, people would be hurt.

The political and historical accuracy are aspects I really respect and admire in a novel. The entire plot is woven together with such skill and makes for great reading.

A wonderful book and highly recommended for all lovers of romance, especially historical romance. I look forward to the next in the Heart and Soul series by Kathryn Loch. 

Do I recommend it?
Can we add a few more spiders to the rating??
5-Spiders AND THEN SOME!

Cheers from Down Under,

Jennie J.
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