Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review of HER DEMON PRINCE by Cathleen Ross

      HER DEMON PRINCE was written by Cathleen Ross and published in July of this year. It is available for purchase at or wherever fine e-books are sold. *please note there are paper copies of this novel also available* You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at
*Maturity Warnings: this novel contains graphic language and sex scenes*

 I'm not normally a big fan of the paranormal genre but oh my goodness this was really something special !

 A love story that spans thousands of years and culminates in a most unusual showdown in modern day New York City. It's actually two love stories, as this novel deals with two brothers - one half angel and one half demon. However, all is not as it seems in this book so, fasten your seat belts and be ready for lots of twists and turns!

 I really enjoyed all the family connections in this story and really loved all the main characters - though some were harder to love than others!

 I highly recommend this to everyone but those who love a good paranormal romance will love it.
I give this little gem a 5-spider rating and urge ALL lovers of the genre to grab a copy TODAY!
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Jennie J. reviewer for WebbWeaver Reviews

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