Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book Review of 3 GATES OF THE DEAD by Jonathan Ryan

3 Gates of the Dead was written by Jonathan Ryan and published through Premier Digital Publishing in October, 2013. You may purchase this book at www.amazon.com and you may find out more about Jonathan at www.authorjonathanryan.com
After the untimely death of his parents, and the betrayal by his fiancé, Amanda, Assistant Pastor, Aiden Schaeffer is having a crisis of faith.

Then suddenly, Aiden is told that his ex has been brutally murdered in an apparent ritualistic manor, and she may not be the last. Aiden’s life begins to un-ravel as he is thrust into a strange world where he, and the people of his church congregation become victims of supernatural forces, weird dreams, texts, voices, and bare footprints in the snow.

Aiden meets rogue detective Jennifer Brown, who is working the eerie case, and Father John Neal, a priest who may have more information about what is going on than he is willing to talk about. Together with a team of paranormal investigators, they must find the answers to the killings before another life is lost, and evil escapes into the world.

Jonathan Ryan has written a masterpiece thriller that will eat away at your psyche and have you cringing at every turn of the page. His storyline is exceptionally frightening with all the paranormal darkness and unseen evil the reader can handle. His characters have that ‘flawed but human’ trait that gives them weight and makes them come alive on the page.

Ryan’s excellent writing style and attention to detail will have readers screaming (literally), and demanding the sequel, placing Ryan squarely in the top tier of the horror-writing genre’.

3 Gates of the Dead will scare you to death and make you rethink your ideas about ghosts, demons, and the after-life. If you are into horror, suspense and being thrilled, do NOT miss 3 Gates of The Dead by Jonathan Ryan… Horror Awesomeness!!

5 spiders for this outstanding horror read.

DJ Weaver (for Suspense Magazine)