Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review of THE TIPPING POINT by Walter Danley

The TIPPING POINT was written by Walter Danley and may be purchased at You can find out more about Walter at 

As a first novel I think Walter Danley has done quite a good job. This is an interesting, entertaining who-done-it with a touch of romance.

When Garth Wainwright's business partner and friend is killed while skiing in Aspen, the police call it an accident but checking the 'accident' scene, Garth believes otherwise. Warned to leave it alone, Garth's knows he's onto something. Convincing the other partners of the firm, however, proves to be more difficult until a case of fraud from inside the company is discovered and then, one by one, the partners are being murdered.

Garth and the few people he can trust, including his love interest, Lacey Kinkaid, a former prosecutor, find themselves chasing a killer (or killers?) and are led on a wild ride and put in certain danger trying to stop any more of them being picked off.

This is an entertaining read and I found myself looking forward to finding out who was behind it all. 4 spiders for this great read.

Cheers from Down Under,
Jennie J.

Reviewer for WebbWeaver Reviews

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