Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Review of RED DEVIL 4 by Eric C. Leuthardt, M.D.

RED DEVIL 4 was written by Eric C. Leuthardt, M.D., and published through Forge Books in February, 2014. You may purchase this book at and you can read more about the author at!/content/28322/leuthardt_profile_120412

Imagine a world where people are connected wirelessly to everything… from the internet to their homes, cars, jobs… each other. Set in the near-future, this sci-fi thriller will rock you to your core.

Neuroprosthetics… a simple chip implanted in the brain and the user is connected to everything and everybody. Thoughts become actions, people can live in a completely artificial environment… a virtual reality of life, and the drug of choice is a class of neuro-stimulating computer codes that could be brain-altering. Dr. Hagan Maerici, an expert and developer in the field is knee deep in a series of murders committed by well-known individuals with no motives. Could these deaths have been brought on by a code that will enable an Artificial Intelligence to think and act on its own?

When people start dying, Police Detective Edwin Krantz and ex-Navy SEAL Tara Dezner are called in to work with Maerici, but soon find that skirting the law may be the only way solve the mystery.

With a large, but interesting and relevant cast of characters, Red Devil 4 is the ultimate techno-thriller to date, and closer to being a reality than we would like to believe.

Neurosurgeon, biomedical engineer, and neuroprosthetic pioneer, Eric C. Leuthardt, M.D., spins a tale of the future and the scenario that could so easily come to pass. His knowledge of the subject matter translates well to the pages and enables the reader to understand exactly how the brain works and how this new technology could affect us all.

 Leuthardt’s characters are believable and the story flows well throughout, taking the reader on a harrowing adventure through the mind. Intelligent, awesomely frightening, and technologically credible, Red Devil 4 is a snapshot of a future gone decidedly wrong and a projection of chaos for all.

5 Spiders… Don’t miss it!

DJ Weaver

For Suspense Magazine

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