Sunday, March 29, 2015


THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS was written by M.J. Rose and published through Atria Press. You may purchase the novel from and you may read more about the author at

After losing her father and suffering at the hands of her cruel husband, Sandrine flees from her home in New York to Paris in order to seek refuge at the historic and beautiful mansion home of her beloved grandmother. But upon arrival, Sandrine finds the mansion mysteriously locked and empty, with her grandmother ensconced in an apartment.

Sandrine longs to visit the mansion, which holds wonderful memories for her, but her grandmother forbids it, stating only that it is too dangerous. Defying her grandmother’s wishes, Sandrine visits the mansion and meets the dashing, Julian Duplessi—a prominent architect who has been hired to turn the mansion into a museum.

Sandrine and Julian become embroiled in an erotic affair, but something else is hiding in the mansion as well . . . the ghost of a sixteenth century courtesan and ancestor; a witch named La Lune. Sandrine becomes possessed by the spirit of the beautiful but evil La Lune, and grows impassioned with La Lune’s urges to be a famous artist. Under the witch’s influence, Sandrine feels the woman’s obsession to control and be loved by a man. But as Sandrine begins to lose herself to the witch’s influence, people begin to die.

This latest novel from acclaimed author, M.J. Rose is provocative, erotic, and spellbindingly haunting, with lush settings and mysterious occurrences that will have the reader gasping in fear, as they remain totally mesmerized cover-to-cover. The writing is powerful, making the story impossible to put down before reaching the strangely twisted ending.

Another winning series start from Rose, written for her vast legion of readers. THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS is a captivating supernatural read that will keep you enthralled… a ‘must-have’ novel.

5 Spiders for M.J. Rose’s newest…

DJ Weaver

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review of THE UNQUENCHABLE FIRE (Low-Down, Desperate, and Damned) by D.A. Adams

THE UNQUENCHABLE FIRE by D.A. Adams, is the second offering in the Low-Down, Desperate, and Damned Series, published in Feb. 2015, by Amazon Digital Services.
Sam Skeen is a man lost… a preacher plunged into darkness while fighting in the Civil War, he has lost his faith. As a hired gun for the town of New Port, Sam is besieged by the town leaders to investigate evil doings on Stone Mountain, and put a stop to them.

When Sam and his deputy finally confront the demons, it’s a battle to save the mountain people, and more importantly… to save Sam’s soul.
Great characters, awesome story-telling, and a whole lot of action in this paranormal western adventure from D.A. Adams. Be sure to add this fantastic tale to your reading list.


DJ Weaver