Thursday, April 2, 2015

Book Review of MASTER YOUR MINDSPACE by Michael Atma

MASTER YOUR MINDSPACE was written by Michael Atma and published through Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press in March, 2015. You may purchase this book at  and you can read more about the author at

MASTER YOUR MINDSPACE is an excellent book for everybody, everywhere. It is written in a way that is easy to read, it’s interesting and engaging and will open your thinking to the possibilities that exist when you use the power of your mind.

 Michael Atma gives the reader powerful insights and uses his own personal experiences as examples. In every chapter there are 5 minute exercises that you can choose to do each day. This is excellent for everyone, especially in these times when most people are time-poor.
Committing to five minutes per day is all it takes to begin making changes that will enhance all areas of your life. While reading this book for review I noticed changes in my own mindset – positive changes, changes I liked.
This is the first book by Michael Atma I have read and I will definitely be looking out for more of his inspiring work. I highly recommend his latest book. 
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