Monday, November 30, 2015

Book Review of MEGALODONS: A Deep Sea Thriller, by Eric S. Brown and Clarence Wirtz

Megalodon (n.) – a prehistoric shark; the most ferocious predator that ever lived; ranging up to 50 ft. long with 7 inch teeth; most powerful bite of any animal; Megalodon means ‘Big Tooth’.

Four monstrously over-sized killers, genetically engineered by terrorist in an illegal bio-weapons program, are on the hunt. For Capt. Cooper and the crew and Special Forces aboard the Littoral Combat Ship, Nighstalker, sent to take down a terrorist-controlled drilling platform, these monsters are for real. And they mean to destroy the ship and all those on board.

Engineered with special abilities, the battleship-sized fish are undetectable, even by the advanced technological capabilities of the USS Nightstalker, until they strike with ferocious power. Crippled in the water, the Nightstalker’s only hope is a crack team of Special Forces, who must enter the rig and find out what is driving these gigantic beasts.

In a similar vein to Steve Alten’s MEG, this novella by Eric S. Brown & Clarence Wirtz will have you on the edge and avoiding the water, as it takes you on a hair-raising cruise to Hell. Well written and edited, with all the creepy you can handle and then some, this story may have you re-thinking your next trip to the beach.

Four Spiders for MEGALODONS: A Deep Sea Thriller.

DJ Weaver

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