Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Review of HELLSCAPES, Vol II, by Stephen Zimmer

HELLSCAPES, Vol. II, was written by Stephen Zimmer and published through Seventh Star Press in Oct. 2015. It is available at

You reap what you sow… No truer words can be said about death, and HELLSCAPES, Vol. II, by Stephen Zimmer contains six short stories that entertain some not-so-pleasant visions of what life after death could be.

Six stories:
The Cavern
The Riot
Above as Below
Spots Do Not Change
Weaving Webs
The Club

Macabrely hellish in they descriptions and tortured truths, but absolutely spot-on in their assumption that, how one lives their life, so shall they spend their death. Expertly told by Zimmer in this second book in his HELLSCAPES series. 

Good characterization, chillingly frightening scenarios and excellent storytelling, all combine to make HELLSCAPES, Vol II a 5 spider read. If you ever wondered what HELL might be like, pick up Zimmer’s book… it’s all in there.

DJ Weaver

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