Monday, December 7, 2015

Book Review of LUNA by Rick Chesler

LUNA was written by Rick Chesler and published through Severed Press in Aug. 2015. It is available for purchase at 

2024 A.D….

Billionaire tycoon, Blake Garner, and a group of private citizens leave Earth to visit the Moon. Blake wants to make the Moon, a tourist attraction and he’s taking a few interested parties and government officials up for a test run. But Blake has information that could potentially spell disaster for the group in this gripping space novel from Rick Chesler.

Problems arise from the moment the Command Spaceship takes off, making it necessary to land off coordinates. Then Blake wants to drag the passengers and crew on a lunar walk that includes a cave system found during an earlier exploration. No one, except Blake, is aware that alien life has been found there, and lives have already been lost. What occurs next is an all-out fight for survival and escape by a few, from a gruesome, lingering death at the mercy of a horde of strange lunar predators.

With excellent characterization and visual savvy, Rick Chesler weaves an interesting tale of space exploration gone wrong, in this frighteningly original story. The progression of events will keep the reader gasping for air and on the cosmic edge, as the characters fight to make it off the Moon alive. A great, compact read that will give you chills and have you watching the ground around you.

Four spiders for LUNA by Rick Chesler.

DJ Weaver

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