Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Book Review of MALEVOLENT by Sam Tepes

MALEVOLENT was written and self-published by Sam Tepes in November, 2015. It is available at www.

When people begin disappearing without a trace, friends and families become suspicious about where they are and why they are missing. Dubious circumstances surround each missing person, and Bryan, the brother of one, is convinced that his sibling would never just leave without letting him know. He is certain that something terrible has happened to his brother, and sets out to find the truth. He locates a group of people who are also missing loved ones and asks to join them as they search for the missing. But the man they refer to as ‘The Hunter’, strikes an uneasy chord with Bryan. What happens next is a horror reader’s delight, with twists and turns galore, and just enough creep to satisfy.

Sam Tepes has penned a haunting story that will titillate your scenes and keep you reading non-stop to the end. This one is not too over-the-top, but has just enough scary to keep the reader entertained, while still making those little hairs on the back of the neck stand at attention.

Very entertaining, with just the right amount of gore, and totally believable characters, make this one a winner. 4 spiders, easily… Bravo to Sam Tepes and MALEVOLENT.

DJ Weaver