Review Policy

ATTENTION (8/6/2013): Due to the overwhelming number of books we have for review, we are sad to say that we must close submissions at this time. When we are able, we wil re-open the submissions, so please check back with us soon and thank you for your interest in WebbWeaver Reviews. 

We are always anxious to review and promote writers. If you would like to have us review your work on our blog, please feel free to contact us from the 'Contact Us' page above and be sure to follow the procedure outlined below. Our author interviews are by invitation only. 


How do I submit a book?

Send us your book in a Kindle compatible format (.AZW, .PRC, or .MOBI) as an email attachment to one of our contact emails listed on the Contact Page. If possible, also send a Nook compatible file as some of our reviewers own Nooks instead of Kindles. We would prefer not to receive Amazon gifted books or any other gifted books from Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. The reason for this is that we have to forward these files to our reviewers and cannot forward these gifted books. In the email, include the name of the book, the author’s name, a SHORT, DESCRIPTIVE synopsis, and a cover file. Try to make this synopsis as interesting as possible while still being short. This is what our reviewers will read to decide which books they want to review so make it good.

Remember, we are no longer accepting submissions as Amazon or any other gifted books. We will accept PDF’s and of course, we will accept printed copies. If you would like to send a printed copy, just email us for the mailing address. There may be times when we specifically request a print copy of a particular book. If we need a print copy of your work, we will contact you with that request.

After a book has been submitted:

1) Your book will be added to our list of books available for review along with the date of submission and synopsis.

2) The book will be available for a reviewer to select and read for a review for one year. After one year the book will be dropped from the list.

3) If your book is reviewed, the review will be posted and we will notify you by email. Some books may be used on our ‘Featured Book’ page, instead of being reviewed and you will be notified of this as well. We try to post all reviews to Amazon and Goodreads as soon as we can.

4) We reserve the right to modify this process at any time.

What about books submitted prior to the current policy?

Any books that we received prior to this policy revision, or that we agreed to review will be added to the list with the policy revision date and will remain on the list for one year.

What we will review.

We do not review poetry, extreme erotica, LGBT, self-help, memoirs or how-to books. We will review suspense, horror, paranormal, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, romance, historical fiction, medical fiction, and combinations of these. Also, we do review some non-fiction, but only at our discretion. Due to time constants, we do not review epics (over 100,000 words).

Due to the overwhelming demand for reviews, there is NO guarantee of a time frame on finished reviews.

We will only review one book from a particular author, in a twelve month period, unless that author crosses genres or at our discretion. All content on the WebbWeaver site is copyrighted and owned by WebbWeaver.

When submitting your book for review, please let us know that you have read this information and that will save us a step.

If you have any questions, email us. By submitting your work, you are agreeing to our Review Policy.

Thank You!
The WebbWeaver Duo